Canada F1

This will probably be the longest F1 race ever. Great that they chose to finish it though. Looks like another Vettel win. Can anyone catch him? rain makes F1 more interesting to watch.

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Hello world!

Why? damn good question. At the age of 55 years and 124 days would I want to start a blog. Well here goes, I wanted to let everyone who knows me have some idea of the life I lead. They all seem to think it is work, pub, more pub, women and then more pub. If they only knew how far from the truth that is. Today is a Sunday, most people got up, had brekkie, read the papers and lazed about the house. Me, got up at 5:30, shower and work until 2. This is the 13th consecutive day I have been to work. I probably will not get a day off for another fortnight.

Today was actually a total waste of time, most of the people that were meant to turn in didn’t bother and that pisses me off as well. If I can get up why can’t they?

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